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Every organisation has a cause, whether it's an accountant saving their clients time, stress & tax payments or an NGO in Bombay changing gender behaviours...I help businesses, charities & NGOs communicate their cause to engage potential clients, customers & donors...creatively.


It all started when...

I've worked with brands ever since I was sixteen interning at Ad agency AMV BBDO working on a chewing gum brand. Since then I've had roles at a destination branding agency in London working with city & country governments whilst studying graphic design; as a Management Consultant for an international firm before finally moving to a boutique London agency as the Head of Research and Strategy.


how I CAN help grow YOUR BUSINESS

I have developed a proven method 'CAUSE & CREATIVITY' to help your business show off your products & Services to outshine your competition & grow your business


1. brand strategy // DEFINING YOUR CAUSE

Why should a customer choose you over your competitors? This is the first question I ask and it's remarkable how often I hear 'Well our services are basically the same so I don't really know' That's a dangerous place to be. If you don't have a motivating reason & you're not communicating that you're moving towards a battle fought on price...which only leads one way.

I work with business owners to determine a motivating reason for your audience to choose your company over the rest. I talk to your customers, your employees your board & people that don't even buy from you to determine what your business should stand for, how it should communicate and ultimately create the strategy to grow your business and outshine your competitors

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2. design & visual identity // Creativity

A strong visual brand presence is no longer a luxury, it's an expected part of consumer decision making. If yours is not up to scratch you may be discounted instantly. There are no second chances in today's time starved society.

Imagine the choice between two companies. The first one has a beautiful website with stunning photography and a memorable logo. You meet that company they hand over a stunning simple brochure & business card that scream quality... 

The second company's website is dated, reams of text baffle you with bullshit, you can't even find the contact number and their logo looks like their 2 year old daughter drew it with a you don't even meet them. 

Think of me like a personal trainer for your business, I give you the tools to stand out against your competitor set & give you the best possible chance at gaining that first meeting or sale. I research your industry to ensure that your visual brand remains consistent within visual parameters but that it sets you apart from the pack...

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3. website design & build // digital

Websites when designed, built and managed properly should be a driver of income for your business. You should be getting leads, calls, hits and analysing the behaviour of your browsers making tweaks along the way.

I design & build sites with this in mind, otherwise what's the point? What's the point in having a website without a plan to promote it? How will people find you? 

I create simple, visually engaging & easy to navigate sites that will motivate your browsers to get in touch.  do you want to be confident and proud when you send someone to your website or wince slightly when you know someone is looking at a design that doesn't communicate the quality and expertise your work involves?

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4. content CREATION // marketing // SOCIAL

What value are you providing to your customers to keep them or your audience to spark their attention outside of your service or product? Are you helping them learn or entertaining them? How are potential customers finding you? What is your customer's experience of working with you?

I work with you to define a strategy that will engage your target audience and raise positive awareness of your business, I then create the assets and content to bring the plan to life, whether that's written content, imagery, film or audio...

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FIRST WE DEFINE YOUR CAUSE, Then we communicate it


1. strategy


- Brand Audit

- Insight & Research

- Positioning

- Values, Mission, Vision

- Brand Guidelines

- Marketing Strategy


2. design


- Logo & Identity

- Visual brand guidelines

- Business cards

- Stationary

- Branded products

- Brochures

- Pitch Decks


3. digital


- Web design

- Web build

- E Commerce

- Digital strategy

- E Mail campaigns

- Social media


4. content


- Content strategy

- Film // Video

- Copywriting

- Blog posts

- White papers

- Brochures

- Photography

- Audio

Why should I HIRE you not an agency? 


Fair question...big companies need big agencies to manage the workload, and pay a hefty price for the privilege. SMEs need smarter not harder work. I've worked in small agencies with a lot of creative talented people, but they specialise. Strategists do the strategy, designers design...account managers manage...I do it all, you speak with the organ grinder. Your account manager is the CEO...

An agency has overheads, salaries, office space, bills...who do you think pays for that? If a project requires a specialism I'm not 100 percent on I find someone I trust, who is an expert and you pay them markups. In fact working this way I saved one of my client's over 1000 pounds when a web design company tried to overcharge for website amends...

I won't work with you if I can't deliver what you need, there's no point for me or you, it's my feel free to drop me a message and we can see if I'm the right person to work with your business - just fill in the form below and we can organise the best time for you to discuss your project.



We will discuss:


- Your industry, business & brand including what problems you're having

- Quick fixes you can do now to grow your business

- How I can help you achieve your goals

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John - Owner Joglo Villas

I hired Stuart to create a strategy, brand, photography & film for marketing a commercial property in Ubud, Bali. Due to the competitive nature of the market I needed something different and someone that has a range of skills to get the job done quickly & efficiently. I genuinely am amazed at his range & quality of skills, knowledge and his quick understanding of the industry I'm in. Above all else he is just a nice, interesting guy.




Toby - Founder Piece of the puzzle

Stuart has been instrumental in getting Piece of the Puzzle to where it is now and has brought real weight to what I am trying to achieve. Stuart took the lead on designing pitch decks, logos and an awesome website and his creative vision has helped me gain early stage interest from a number of reputable corporations and has led numerous individuals to get behind Piece of the Puzzle. He’s highly recommended!


Melanie - managing partner SWINDELLS ACCOUNTING

Stuart has worked with Swindells for over a year, from creating beautiful images & video content to designing and building our website and collateral. I've been hugely impressed with Stuart's ability to interact with our clients; I have huge trust in his abilities, ideas, opinions and honesty and I'm incredibly happy with the results that he delivers.